REG.RU is a famous Russian IT-company, that has been working in the field of web hosting and domain registration since 2006. It provides services for different customers (B2B, B2C), due to advanced web technologies and highly qualified team the company is able to support any complex project.

About my role in this project

I was working in REG.RU from June 2018 till September 2020 as a UX/UI-designer. The workflow in this company was differentfrom my previous experiences: all team members worked remotely and used different frameworks such as SCRUM, KUNBAN.
  • UX-research
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Creation and support of the design system inside design department
  • Design review
  • Communication design (e-mail letters, promo-blocks, marketing pop-ups)
  • Presentation of UX deliverables (wireframes, usability reports, personas, etc.)
  • Facilitation of processes inside the design-team
Key projects
  • Design system
  • Support of the personal cabinet interface
  • Landing page design system
  • Redesign of the domain marketplace
  • Improvement of promo e-mail letters
Visual portfolio
Personal cabinet
I was providing assistance to the design lead of this project because of its complexity (development of different user scenarios, taking into account various design constraints and requirements). This project had broadened my experience and improved my skills in adaptive design, setup wizards and etc.
One of my first task in REG.RU was connected with streamlining of blocks for landing pages. I was analysing all existing landing pages, selecting the most frequently used blocks and compiling a new library out of them. After that my colleagues and I tested that library during several months. As I know now it’s a comfortable tool that saves a lot of time for designers and allows to build new pages much easier.
Domain marketplace redesign
Productive work inside one of our scrum teams resulted in some unusual and maybe even unique solutions. We were trying to develop the most comfortable interface for buying/selling domains on a the secondary market among our users.
Creation of a new design block system for promo e-mail letters
This is one of the projects that was providing inspiration during the whole period because I was receiving immediate feedback from the users. It allowed me to experiment with design solutions and layouts of blocks.
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